Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: Groundfish Amendments in Development

The following groundfish amendments are in development:


Amendment 26 (in development): Blackgill Rockfish

In November 2015, the Council took final action to remove blackgill rockfish from the Slope Rockfish complex south of 40⁰ 10’ N. latitude and reallocate blackgill rockfish and the remaining species in the southern Slope Rockfish complex to trawl and non-trawl sectors as follows:

  • Blackgill sector allocations: 41% to LE Trawl and 59% to Non-Trawl sectors;
  • Remaining Southern Slope Rockfish allocations: 91% to LE Trawl and 9% to Non-Trawl sectors.

No change was made to accumulation limits for these species. Implementation of this initiative is postponed indefinitely due to NMFS workload concerns.


Amendment 28 (in development): Pacific Coast Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat and Rockfish Conservation Area Modifications

Pacific Coast Groundfish EFH was most recently established in 2006, as part of Amendment 19 to the Groundfish FMP. After completion of a periodic EFH review in 2014, the Council determined that new information warranted consideration of changes to groundfish EFH, and initiated a process to develop alternatives. Recently, the Council has been considering changes to the trawl rockfish conservation area. Because the rationale and effects of the two actions are interrelated (i.e., restricting or allowing bottom trawling in designated areas), the Council merged the two efforts into a single action. Selection of a final preferred alternative is tentatively scheduled for September 2017.

  • See the Federal Register notice dated February 1, 2016:  NMFS and the Pacific Council announce their intent to prepare an EIS in accordance with the NEPA of 1969 to analyze the short- and long-term impacts on the human environment of Amendment 28 to the Pacific Coast Groundfish FMP.  This notice also requests written comment.