Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: Groundfish Amendments in Development

The following groundfish amendments are in development:

Amendment 26 (in development): Blackgill Rockfish

In November 2015, the Council took final action to remove blackgill rockfish from the Slope Rockfish complex south of 40⁰ 10’ N. latitude and reallocate blackgill rockfish and the remaining species in the southern Slope Rockfish complex to trawl and non-trawl sectors as follows:

  • Blackgill sector allocations: 41% to LE Trawl and 59% to Non-Trawl sectors;
  • Remaining Southern Slope Rockfish allocations: 91% to LE Trawl and 9% to Non-Trawl sectors.

No change was made to accumulation limits for these species. Implementation of this initiative is postponed indefinitely due to NMFS workload concerns.