Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: FMP: Amendment 8

Fixed Gear Sablefish Individual Quota Program (draft; never adopted)

January 1994

Draft Amendment 8 would have established an individual quota (IQ) program to cover the harvest of sablefish by vessels with groundfish limited entry permits for longline and fishpot gear (also known as fixed gear). This amendment did not apply to harvest of sablefish by trawl gear in the license limitation fishery, or by longline, fishpot and other gear by unlicensed vessels in the open access fishery. This amendment would have allocated sablefish quota share (a percentage of the total annual harvest guideline) to persons with limited entry fixed gear permits based primarily on catch history. Each year, holders of quota share would be allocated an amount of sablefish individual fishing quota which could be taken anytime during the fishing season. A description of the affected marine, coastal and human environments is included.

Amendment 8 was never adopted by the Council because Congress imposed a moratorium on quota share programs. Instead, a tier program was used to manage the sablefish fishery.

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