Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: FMP: Amendment 4

Replacement of Original Fishery Management Plan

August 1990

Amendment 4 updates and revises the original fishery management plan (FMP) for the Pacific coast groundfish fishery off the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California. The original plan was developed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council, approved by the Assistant Administrator for Fisheries, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), on January 4, 1982, and implemented on October 5, 1982.

Amendment 4 is intended to replace the entire text of the original FMP, although the reader may wish to refer to the original FMP for additional background material. Except for measures that were specifically revised, added, or deleted by this amendment, all regulations and notices authorized by the original FMP and in effect when Amendment 4 was implemented were intended to continue with the implementation of this amendment.

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