Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: FMP: Amendment 10

In 1996, the Council adopted a combined amendment to the groundfish and salmon FMPs:  Amendment 10 to the groundfish FMP and Amendment 12 to the salmon FMP.  Under the combined amendment, the FMPs allowed for salmonids to be retained in the Pacific whiting mid-water trawl fishery (otherwise prohibited for all net gear).

In 2007, the regulatory framework to support groundfish Amendment 10 was recommended for the shorebased Pacific whiting fishery which required: maximized retention; vessel certifications; declaration reports; video based electronic monitoring system (EMS) to monitor maximized retention; and, leasing of equipment from NMFS certified EMS providers. The proposed action also added new monitoring provisions for first receivers including: catch monitor coverage specifications, requirements to procure catch monitors from NMFS certified catch monitor providers, and defined responsibilities of first receivers relative to the acceptance of unsorted catch and catch monitoring. While the regulations implementing Amendment 10 were never finalized by NMFS, key components of the Amendment were incorporated into Amendment 20.