Current Management Cycle: 2019-2020 Harvest Specifications and Management Measures

2019-2020 Harvest Specifications and Management Measures

The Council recommended a number of regulatory and FMP changes during the development of the 2019-2020 harvest specifications and management measures. Regulatory amendments were made to change the default harvest control rules for lingcod north and south of 40°10’ N lat., California scorpionfish south of Pt. Conception at 34°27’ N lat., and yelloweye rockfish.  New management measures adopted for the 2019-2020 management cycle include new salmon mitigation measures, updates to rockfish conservation area coordinates in California, new stock complexes for some nearshore groundfish species, removal of automatic authority to close at-sea whiting fisheries for darkblotched rockfish and Pacific ocean perch in conjunction with FMP Amendment 21-3, new lingcod and sablefish discard mortality rates in the shorebased individual fishing quota (IFQ) fishery, a modification to the allowable depths for fishing in the Western Cowcod Conservation Area from 20 fm to 40 fm for the commercial fixed gear and recreational fisheries, removal of daily vessel quota pound limits in the shorebased IFQ fishery, a change in the allowable lingcod retention ratio in the commercial salmon troll fishery, and allowing adaptive management quota pounds to pass through to the shorebased IFQ fishery until an alternative use of adaptive management quota is implemented. Additionally, updates to the FMP were made to specify the changes to the yelloweye rockfish rebuilding plan and acknowledge the successful rebuilding of bocaccio, darkblotched rockfish, and Pacific ocean perch. In June 2018, the Council adopted the final regulatory package and yelloweye rebuilding plan, which was transmitted to NMFS in the fall of 2018 for implementation on January 1, 2019.  The final rule for the 2019-2020 harvest specifications and management measures was published on December 12, 2018.