Groundfish Document Library: Exempted Fishing Permits

Many fishers are interested in applying for exempted fishing permits (EFPs), which allow experimental fisheries that are exempt from usual fishing regulations. EFPs are recommended by the Council and granted by NOAA Fisheries.

Exempted Fishing Permits for 2015-2016 Groundfish Fisheries

At its November 2013 meeting, the Council considered three exempted fishing permit (EFP) applications and adopted one EFP, sponsored by the San Francisco Community Fishing Association for 2015 and 2016 (Agenda Item H.2.a, Attachment 4), for public review. The Groundfish Management Team (GMT)-recommended set-asides for this EFP (Table 1 of Agenda Item H.2.b, Supplemental GMT Report) which were adopted by the Council with the following modifications: 1.0 mt of canary rockfish and 0.03 mt of yelloweye rockfish. The Council will consider final adoption of this EFP at its June 2014 meeting (see the 2014 Council Meeting schedule).

If you have any questions on Exempted Fishing Permits or the associated forms, please contact the NOAA Fisheries Groundfish Policy & Regulations office at 206-526-6140; or visit the NOAA Fisheries Groundfish Fisheries Permits webpage.