Ecosystem-Based Management: Fishery Ecosystem Plan

Pacific Coast Fishery Ecosystem Plan for the U.S. Portion of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem

At its April 2013 meeting, the Council adopted the Fishery Ecosystem Plan (FEP), the Ecosystem Initiatives Appendix, and a schedule for implementation.  The purpose of the FEP is to enhance the Council’s species-specific management programs with more ecosystem science, broader ecosystem considerations and management policies that coordinate Council management across its Fishery Management Plans and the California Current Ecosystem.

FEP Five-Year Review

Consistent with Section 1.3 in the FEP in September 2018 the Council initiated a review to consider updates to the document. The Council directed its Ecosystem Work Group (EWG) to revise and update the goals and objectives in the FEP Chapter 2 and develop an outline of FEP revisions to reflect updated science and results of both completed and candidate initiatives. In March 2019 the Council directed the EWG to submit, for the September 2019 advanced briefing book, alternative descriptions of the FEP Vision (including purpose, goals, and objectives), taking into account public and advisory body comments. Based on EWG recommendations (see Agenda Item E.1.a, EWG Report 1, September 2019), the Council adopted changes to Chapters 1 and 2 for public review. In March 2020 the Council will finalize revisions to FEP chapters 1 and 2, including the vision statement and goals and objectives.

View the public review draft of Chapter 1 and 2 revisions.

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