Ecosystem-Based Management: Fishery Ecosystem Plan Schedule

This Fishery Ecosystem Plan (FEP) is a living document, which means that the Council plans to regularly amend and update it. The current FEP was adopted by the Council in April 2013. The following schedule is intended to allow the Council to respond to emerging issues by annually assessing the status of ecosystem-based initiatives and revising priorities every two years (odd years) as necessary. The FEP itself is scheduled for comprehensive review every five years.

Each year at the Council’s March meeting, the Council and its advisory bodies will:

  • review progress to date on any ecosystem initiatives the Council already has underway;
  • review the list of potential ecosystem initiatives provided in Appendix A to the FEP and determine whether any of those initiatives merit Council attention in the coming year;
  • if initiatives are chosen for Council efforts, request background materials from the appropriate entities; and
  • in March 2015 and in each subsequent odd-numbered year, assess whether there are new ecosystem initiative proposals that could be added to the appendix.

Consistent with the schedule laid out in the FEP, in March 2018 the Council initiated a review and update of the FEP, which is ongoing..