Council Operations: Council Operating Procedures

These Council Operating Procedures (COPs) have been developed and adopted by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) to guide the process for development of fishery management plans, plan amendments, and regulatory measures for ocean fisheries off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California. COPs are specific to Council operations, rather than fishery regulations or management specifications. They specify how the Council and its advisory entities will run their meetings including how public comments will be entertained. They document the schedules for developing plan amendments and annual management measures, and they cover special processes of importance to the Council.

Council Operating Procedures full document:

List of Council Operating Procedures by topic:


  1. General Council Meeting Operations
  2. Advisory Subpanels
  3. Plan, Technical, and Management Teams
  4. Scientific and Statistical Committee
  5. Enforcement Consultants
  6. Habitat Committee
  7. Groundfish Allocation Committee
  8. Ad-Hoc Committees


  1. Management and Activity Cycles
  2. Preseason Salmon Management Process
  3. Plan Amendment Cycles
  4. Update and Communication of Research and Data Needs
  5. Confidentiality of Statistics
  6. Documentation of Outside Agreements
  7. Salmon Estimation Methodology Updates and Review
  8. Weather-related Adjustment to Salmon Fisheries
  9. Foreign Fishing Permit Review Procedure
  10. Protocol for Industry Sponsored Salmon Test Fishery Proposals
  11. Protocol for Consideration of Exempted Fishing Permits for Groundfish Fisheries
  12. Protocol for Consideration of Exempted Fishing Permits for Highly Migratory Species Fisheries
  13. Highly Migratory Species Management Recommendations to Regional Fishery Management Organizations
  14. Essential Fish Habitat Review Process
  15. Protocol for Consideration of Exempted Fishing Permits for Coastal Pelagic Species Fisheries
  16. Protocol for Consideration of Exempted Fishing Permits for Shared Ecosystem Component Species
  17. Groundfish Methodology Reviews
  18. Methodology and Data Review Process for Coastal Pelagic Species
  19. Process for Initiating Allocation Reviews