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Area/Responsibilities PFMC Staff Contact Direct Phone Links:
Coastal Pelagic Species Kerry Griffin 503-820-2409 Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel
Coastal Pelagic Species Management Team
Computer Systems/Information Technology (IT) Department:  including Website and E-Portal for public comments (IT Specialist – Program Manager)
Sandra Krause
(IT Specialist)
Kris Kleinschmidt
Economics Jim Seger 503-820-2416
Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Kit Dahl
Jennifer Gilden
Ecosystem Advisory Subpanel
Electronic Monitoring Brett Wiedoff 503-820-2424 Ad Hoc Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Workgroup
Enforcement Jim Seger 503-820-2416 Enforcement Consultants
Fiscal matters Patricia Crouse 503-820-2408
Groundfish John Devore
Brett Wiedoff
Todd Phillips
Groundfish Advisory Subpanel
Groundfish Allocation Committee
Groundfish Management Team
Habitat Jennifer Gilden
Kerry Griffin (EFH)
Habitat Committee
Essential Fish Habitat Review Committee
Halibut Robin Ehlke 503-820-2410
Highly Migratory Species Kit Dahl 503-820-2422 Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel
Highly Migratory Species Management Team
Hotel and Travel (Lodging and Meeting Arrangements) Renee Dorval 503-820-2420
Hotel and Travel (ConCur claims, Per Diem Rates) Patricia Crouse
Kris Kleinschmidt ConCur tutorials
PFMC Travel Rules
Mailing Lists Kris Kleinschmidt 503-820-2412 Sign up For Mailing Lists
Marine Protected Areas Kerry Griffin 503-820-2409
Media Inquiries, Newsletters, and Press Releases Jennifer Gilden 503-820-2418
National Environmental Policy Act Kit Dahl 503-820-2422
Outreach and Communications Jennifer Gilden 503-820-2418
Publication and Document Requests Kris Kleinschmidt 503-820-2412
Salmon Robin Ehlke 503-820-2410 Salmon Advisory Subpanel
Salmon Technical Team
Model Evaluation Workgroup
Social Science Jennifer Gilden 503-820-2418
Travel and Hotel (Lodging and Meeting Arrangements) Renee Dorval 503-820-2420
Travel and Hotel (ConCur Claims, Per Diem Rates) Patricia Crouse
Kris Kleinschmidt (ConCur tutorials)
PFMC Travel Rules
Trawl Rationalization Jim Seger 503-820-2416 Groundfish Trawl Individual Quota Committee