Council Staff: Contact the Staff by Subject

Area/Responsibilities PFMC Staff Contact Direct Phone Links:
Coastal Pelagic Species Kerry Griffin 503-820-2409 Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel
Coastal Pelagic Species Management Team
Computer Systems/Information Technology (IT) Department, including Website (IT Specialist – Program Manager)
Sandra Krause
(IT Specialist)
Kris Kleinschmidt
Economics Jim Seger 503-820-2416
Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Kit Dahl
Jennifer Gilden
Ecosystem Advisory Subpanel
Electronic Monitoring (Groundfish) Brett Wiedoff 503-820-2424 Ad Hoc Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Workgroup
Enforcement Jim Seger 503-820-2416 Enforcement Consultants
Fiscal matters Patricia Crouse 503-820-2408
Groundfish John Devore 503-820-2413 Groundfish Advisory Subpanel
Groundfish Allocation Committee
Groundfish Management Team
Habitat Jennifer Gilden
Kerry Griffin (EFH)
Habitat Committee
Essential Fish Habitat Review Committee
Halibut Robin Ehlke 503-820-2410
Highly Migratory Species Kit Dahl 503-820-2422 Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel
Highly Migratory Species Management Team
Hotel and Travel (Lodging and Meeting Arrangements) Renee Dorval 503-820-2420
Hotel and Travel (ConCur claims, Per Diem Rates) Patricia Crouse
Kris Kleinschmidt ConCur tutorials
PFMC Travel Rules
Mailing Lists Kris Kleinschmidt 503-820-2411 Sign up For Mailing Lists
Marine Protected Areas Kerry Griffin 503-820-2409
Media Inquiries, Newsletters, and Press Releases Jennifer Gilden 503-820-2418
National Environmental Policy Act Kit Dahl 503-820-2422
Outreach and Communications Jennifer Gilden 503-820-2418
Publication and Document Requests Kris Kleinschmidt 503-820-2411
Salmon Robin Ehlke 503-820-2410 Salmon Advisory Subpanel
Salmon Technical Team
Model Evaluation Workgroup
Social Science Jennifer Gilden 503-820-2418
Travel and Hotel (Lodging and Meeting Arrangements) Renee Dorval 503-820-2420
Travel and Hotel (ConCur Claims, Per Diem Rates) Patricia Crouse
Kris Kleinschmidt (ConCur tutorials)
PFMC Travel Rules
Trawl Rationalization Jim Seger 503-820-2416 Groundfish Trawl Individual Quota Committee