Council and Advisory Bodies: Habitat Committee

Mr. Eric Wilkins is the Chair and Dr. Correigh Greene is the Vice-Chair of the Habitat Committee (HC). See the HC roster.

The Habitat Committee (HC) works with other teams and panels on habitat issues that affect Council fisheries. The group helps develop ways to resolve habitat problems and avoid future habitat conflicts, and it makes recommendations for actions that will help achieve the Council’s habitat objectives. The HC includes one member each from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, and the National Marine Sanctuary program; one NMFS region representative and one NMFS science center representative; one at-large member; one conservation representative; four members from the four state fishery agencies; two tribal representatives; one commercial and one sport fishing industry members. The Council chair requests nominees from these agencies and organizations. HC members representing NMFS, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Sanctuaries, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, and state agencies serve indefinite terms. Other HC members serve three-year terms.

The Habitat Committee has a Twitter feed that they use occasionally to provide updates on their agenda, etc. (@HCCrier)

See the Habitat Document Library for letters originating in the Habitat Committee.

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