Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: Amendment 15

Amendment 15 to the Coastal Pelagic Species Fishery Management Plan

Amendment 15 was approved in 2015 and added a suite of lower trophic level species to the FMP’s list of ecosystem component (EC) species. Consistent with the objectives of the Council’s FMPs and its Fishery Ecosystem Plan.  Amendment 15 prohibits future development of commercial fisheries for the suite of EC species shared between all four FMPs (Shared EC Species) until and unless the Council has had an adequate opportunity to both assess the scientific information relating to any proposed directed fishery and consider potential impacts to existing fisheries, fishing communities, and the greater marine ecosystem.  The changes to the CPS FMP as amended by Amendment 15 are limited to the underline/strikethrough language contained in the link below.

For further information, please contact: Joshua B. Lindsay, Sustainable Fisheries Division, NMFS, at 562–980–4034; or Kerry Griffin, Pacific Fishery Management Council, at 503–820–2409; or toll free 1-866-806-7204, ext. 409.