Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: Amendment 11

Allocation of the Pacific Sardine Harvest Guideline

In June 2005, the Council adopted a long-term allocation framework to apportion the annual Pacific sardine harvest guideline among the various non-tribal sectors of the sardine fishery. The resulting Amendment 11 to the CPS Fishery Management Plan (FMP) is intended to achieve optimal utilization of the resource and equitable allocation of harvest opportunity.

The Council followed the unanimous opinion of the Costal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel when adopting a seasonal allocation scheme which provides the following allocation formula for the non-tribal share of the harvest guideline:

  1. January 1, 35% of the harvest guideline to be allocated coastwide;
  2. July 1, 40% of the harvest guideline, plus any portion not harvested from the initial allocation, to be reallocated coastwide; and
  3. September 15, the remaining 25% of the harvest guideline, plus any portion not harvested from earlier allocations, to be reallocated coastwide.

The National Marine Fisheries Service approved Amendment 11 and published final regulations on June 26, 2006 making 2006 the first year that the allocation formula was applied to the Pacific sardine fishery.

Because of the dynamic nature of the Pacific sardine resource and uncertainties inherent in long-term projections and tentatively scheduled a formal review of the Amendment 11 allocation formula in 2008. This review was intended to provide a comparison of the performance of the fishery to the projections used to evaluate the adopted allocation scheme, but this analysis is a relatively low CPS research priority and has been postponed indefinitely.

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