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2007 and 2008 Stock Assessments for the June 2007 Briefing Book

(2009-2010 Management Cycle)

Status of Cowcod (Sebastes levis), in the Southern California Bight
Updated U.S. English Sole Stock Assessment: Status of the Resource in 2007
Status of the Longnose Skate (Raja rhina) off the Continental US Pacific Coast in 2007
Status and Future Prospects for the Pacific Ocean Perch Resource in Waters off Washington and Oregon as Assessed in 2007
Status of the Sablefish Resource off the Continental U.S. Pacific Coast in 2007
Population Dynamics of an Unexploited Rockfish (Shortbelly), Sebastes jordani, in the California Current
Stock Assessment Model for the Shortbelly Rockfish, Sebastes Jordani, in the California Current
Status of the Widow Rockfish Resource in 2007, An Update (Draft)
Update to the Status of Yelloweye Rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) off the U.S. West Coast in 2007
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If you have any questions on the stock assessments for the June 2007 Briefing Book, please contact Mr. John DeVore of the Council staff (503-820-2280) or toll free at (866-806-7204); fax (503) 820-2299.

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Updated: 04/29/08