HMS FMP Amendment 6: Authorization of a deep-set buoy gear fishery

The Council began scoping the authorization deep-set buoy gear (DSBG) to target swordfish in March 2016. It adopted a range of alternatives, including a preliminary preferred alternative in November 2018 and took final action to identify its preferred alternative in September 2019. National Marine Fisheries Service is currently analyzing the Council proposal under the National […]

2019-2020 current salmon season management

The current salmon season (May 1, 2019-April 30, 2020 management measures are available in Preseason Report III: Council-Adopted Management Measures and Environmental Assessment Part 3 for 2019 Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations. The links below provide access to the management measures for specific sectors. Commercial troll management measures Tribal management measures Recreational management measures Other sources of […]

Transition of Pacific halibut Area 2A management

In 2019, the Council decided to move forward with the transition of management authority of the Area 2A Non-Indian Commercial Directed Pacific Halibut Fishery (directed fishery) fishery from IPHC to the Council and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). In April 2019 the Council was provided with a scoping report that outlined tasks and considerations that […]

Groundfish FMP Amendment 26: Allocation of harvest opportunity between sectors of blackgill rockfish and other species managed in the slope rockfish complex south of 40°10′ N latitude

In November 2015, the Council took final action to remove blackgill rockfish from the Slope Rockfish complex south of 40⁰ 10’ N. latitude and reallocate blackgill rockfish and the remaining species in the southern Slope Rockfish complex to trawl and non-trawl sectors as follows: Blackgill sector allocations: 41% to limited entry trawl and 59% to […]

Groundfish FMP Amendment 26: Blackgill rockfish

Allocation of harvest opportunity between sectors of the Pacific Coast groundfish fishery Amendment 26 would have removed blackgill rockfish from the Slope Rockfish complex south of 40⁰ 10’ N. latitude and reallocated blackgill rockfish and the remaining species in the southern Slope Rockfish complex among the trawl and non-trawl sectors . However, in April 2019 the […]

Groundfish harvest specifications and management measures for 2019-2020

The Council recommended a number of changes during the development of the 2019-2020 harvest specifications and management measures. Regulatory amendments were made to change the default harvest control rules for lingcod north and south of 40°10’ N lat., California scorpionfish south of Pt. Conception at 34°27’ N lat., and yelloweye rockfish.  New management measures include: new salmon […]

Gear regulations

In March 2016, the Council recommended that trawl gear regulations be updated to reflect the individual accountability provided by the trawl catch share program. Specifically, the Council recommended: allowing vessels to carry and use multiple trawl gears types on a single trip (fish caught using different gears must be stowed separately) eliminating minimum mesh size […]

Fishery Ecosystem Plan 5-year review

In September 2018, the Council initiated a review of the Council’s Pacific Coast Fishery Ecosystem Plan. In March 2020 the Council took final action to adopt revised FEP Chapters 1 & 2 based on the public review draft with revisions recommended by its advisory bodies and the public. In March 2021 the EWG provided revised […]

HMS FMP Amendment 4: Housekeeping changes and stock status determination criteria

In March 2017, the Council was presented with proposed changes to the HMS FMP as Amendment 4.  These proposed changes originated from a 2016 recommendation from the HMS Management Team (HMSMT) for housekeeping changes that would revise dated and inaccurate text.  At its June 2017 meeting the Council adopted for public review proposed these changes to […]

Gear switching and trawl allocation attainment

Based on issues identified in its first review of the trawl catch share program (review of Amendment 20 to the FMP), the Council undertook a number of follow-on actions (see Section 5.0 of the review document, completed in November 2017).  One of these issues was related to gear switching in the shoreside individual fishing quoa […]