Council Announces New Comment E-Portal

The Pacific Fishery Management Council is proud to announce our new electronic public comment portal (E-Portal).

Starting today, our new E-Portal is in beta testing for the November 2018 Council Meeting. Public comments will still be accepted via, but we strongly encourage using the new E-Portal. By the March 2019 Council meeting, the E-Portal will be the only way to submit public comments electronically (paper submissions via mail or fax will be manually entered into the E-Portal by Council staff for the record).

Get to know the E-Portal (link to slideshow, instructions, and YouTube video):

Link to E-portal Demonstration

Link to instructional YouTube video

Link to the new E-Portal (bookmark this page)

If you have questions regarding the E-Portal, please contact Kris Kleinschmidt, PFMC IT Staff, at 503-820-2411.