Notice for Exempted Fishing Permit Proposals and Methodology Review Proposals

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) announces the opportunity to submit exempted fishing permit (EFP) proposals and methodology review proposals, to support U.S. West Coast fisheries science and research in 2018. Proposals for both EFPs and methodology reviews should be submitted by the November Council meeting public comment deadline of 5 p.m. Pacific time on October 19, 2017.

EFP proposals must follow the process described in Council Operating Procedure 23, which requires a description of the EFP research activities, the general timing, the amount of fish being requested, general survey/method protocols, and the purpose of the EFP research. Please read Council Operating Procedure 23 for more details.

For methodology review proposals, proponents must follow the procedures described on page 5 of the Council’s Terms of Reference for Methodology Reviews, which requires the title, the name of proposers (including the researchers who will participate at the methodology review and will be expected to conduct analyses during that review), how the proposed methodology will improve assessment and management for the stock(s) in question, and an outline of methods (field and analytical).

Proposals will be considered at the November 14-20, 2017 Council meeting, and proponents may be asked to submit a more detailed proposal for final approval at the March 2018 Council meeting.  To submit proposals, email to  For questions or more information, contact Mr. Kerry Griffin (telephone:  503-820-2409; email: