Announcing the FY18 Saltonstall-Kennedy Federal Funding Opportunity

August 11 is the start of the Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant Program application solicitation for FY 2018; continuing with the early “pre-proposal” grant process from FY 2017 that will reduce the burden of preparing full proposals on projects that do not meet program criteria. Pre-proposals will be accepted for 60 days, August 11 through October 10, 2017. To maximize time and familiarity, NOAA Fisheries will conduct at least two public webinars for interested stakeholders to walk them through the process and answer any questions.

Briefly, the “pre-proposal” process is a required step that will provide applicants with early clarification from NOAA as to the technical merits and relevancy of their project. This step provides applicants an early indication of their project’s eligibility before going through the more intensive process of developing a full project proposal.

The 2018 priority focus areas were modified. This year, the priority focus areas are Marine Aquaculture; Adapting to Environmental Changes and Other Long Term Impacts in Marine Ecosystems; Promotion, Development, and Marketing; and Territorial Science.

Grant awards are dependent on the availability of Federal funding as provided in enacted Appropriations Acts.
This FFO is being released prior to final appropriations due to award process timeframes. While the FY 2018 President’s budget proposed $0 for this program, final Congressional direction has not been determined. As stated clearly in the FFO, applicants are not guaranteed any level of funding.

For a full listing of the priority focus areas, the pre-proposal process and all other relevant information, please visit NOAA’s SK Grants page or please visit for the Federal Funding Opportunity.

For more information, please contact the National S-K Manager, Daniel Namur at, telephone: (301) 427-8730, or any of the Regional Managers listed in the FFO.

This information posted as a courtesy to NOAA.