CANCELLED: March 2, 2016 Webinar of the Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Policy and Technical Advisory Committees

The joint webinar meeting of the Council’s Ad Hoc Trawl Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Policy Advisory Committee (GEMPAC) and Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Technical Advisory Committee (GEMTAC), scheduled for Wednesday, March 2, 2016, has been cancelled. A rescheduling of the meeting is currently being considered. The webinar has been cancelled because critical information and review materials are undergoing an internal review by the National Marine Fisheries Service and will not be available by March 2. The purpose of the meeting was to review and comment on draft regulations to implement the Pacific Council’s electronic monitoring (EM) policies for the limited entry groundfish midwater trawl whiting fishery, and the limited entry fixed gear fishery fishing under the non-trawl shorebased individual fishing quota (IFQ) program.

The GEMPAC and GEMTAC is scheduled to meet in person on April 8, 2016, from 8am to 5pm, at the Council meeting in Vancouver, WA. At the April meeting, the Committees are scheduled to provide recommendations to the Council regarding the Council’s preferred alternatives for an EM program for the IFQ fixed gear fishery and the draft regulations for the whiting and fixed gear fisheries EM programs.

If you have additional questions regarding the cancelled webinar, please contact Mr. Brett Wiedoff at 503-820-2424; toll-free 1-866-806-7204; ext. 424.