Oregon recreational fisheries

Oregon Recreational Fisheries, as summarized from the ODFW Report

Options for the Columbia River and Southern Oregon Subarea Allocation

1. Increase the Southern Oregon subarea allocation; reduce the Oregon contribution to the Columbia River allocation.

No Action Alternative 1 Alternative 2
Columbia River equal to WA contribution 75% of WA contribution 50% of WA contribution
Central Oregon Coast 96% 96%
Spring All-Depth 61% 63% 63%
Summer All-Depth 25% 25% 25%
Nearshore 12% 12% 12%
Southern Oregon 2% 4% 4%

Shaded cells are percentages of the Central Oregon Coast allocation

Rationale: In recent years the Columbia River allocation has not been attained and reallocating the quota would increase overall attainment of the Oregon sport quota.

Columbia River and Central Oregon Subareas

2. Groundfish Retention Options

Status Quo: During all-depth Pacific halibut days, most species may not be taken along with Pacific halibut except for salmon, sablefish, Pacific Cod, tuna, and offshore pelagic species

Alternative 1:  All groundfish, with the exception of rockfish and lingcod, could be retained during all-depth halibut days

Alternative 2: Same as Status Quo but also include other flatfish species

Rationale:  The proposed groundfish retention options are intended to increase utilization and reduce regulatory discards while staying within the overfished species limits for groundfish (e.g., yelloweye rockfish).

Central Coast Subarea

3. All-Depth Seasons

No Action: The spring all-depth season opens the second Thursday in May, three days per week (Thursday –Saturday), until the quota is caught. Weeks can be skipped due to adverse tides.  The summer all-depth season opens the first Friday in August, two days per week (Friday and Saturday), every other week until the quota is attained.

Alternative 1a: Combine the spring and summer all-depth quotas and seasons. Open May 1, every other Friday and Saturday, until the entire all-depth quota has been attained.

Alternative 1b:  The same as Alternative 1a, except begin on the first weekend in May, which avoids dates with large negative tides, especially in the spring.

Rationale: The proposed options are designed to extend the season, avoid negative tides, and provide halibut opportunities prior to salmon and tuna.

Southern Oregon Subarea

4. Season Dates

No Action:  Open May 1, seven days per week, until the quota is attained

Alternative 1:  Open June 1, seven days per week, until the quota is attained

Alternative 2:  Open July 1, seven days per week, until the quota is attained

Rationale: The proposed options are designed to provide a greater chance of halibut opportunities later in the summer, when salmon opportunity slows.

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