Washington recreational fisheries

Washington Recreational Fisheries, as summarized from the WDFW Report

Columbia River Nearshore Allocation Option

  1. Reduce the nearshore set aside from 1,500 pounds to 500 pounds.

Rationale: The amount of halibut caught in the nearshore fishery was very low in 2014. The proposed allocation amount would still accommodate catches in the nearshore area when the all-depth fishery is closed.

Columbia River Season Allocation Option

  1. Manage the fishery to one season by removing the early (80 percent) and late season (20 percent) splits.

Rationale: Since 2008, fishing effort has significantly declined during the late season off Washington and Oregon. Managing to one season in the early period will ensure the quota is available during the peak of halibut fishing effort and allow the all-depth fishery to continue uninterrupted

Columbia River Nearshore Days of the Week Option

  1. Increase the number of days that the nearshore area is open from Monday through Wednesday to Monday through Friday. This would include two days (Thursday and Friday) when both the nearshore and all-depth fisheries are open.

Rationale: Increasing the number of days per week is expected to increase attainment of nearshore quota and provide greater groundfish retention.

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