Council Requests Comments on its Public Review Draft of the Pacific Coast Groundfish Limited Entry Fixed Gear Sablefish Permit Stacking Program Review

The Council has released its latest draft assessment of the sablefish permit stacking program for public review.  While not fully complete, the release of this draft document prior to the June briefing book distribution has been made to allow for more thorough review and timely comments by managers of and stakeholders in the sablefish fishery.

The preliminary assessment of the sablefish permit stacking program indicates it has substantially met most of the objectives intended by the Council when it was approved in 2000.  The review has also identified several questions for which the drafting team hopes constituents of the program may be able to shed some light on with their comments (see Section 5.2).

The Council is scheduled to consider final approval of the review on Monday, June 23rd, at its meeting in Garden Grove, California.  The public comment deadline for the Council’s June briefing book is May 23rd.  The deadline for supplemental comments (those distributed on the first day of the June Council meeting) is June 13. The drafting team for the review will continue to work toward completion of the assessment for the June meeting. To submit comment, you may email them to; or you may send or fax to the Council office (see addresses).

For further information or questions, refer to the Council’s April 2014 briefing book archive for Agenda Item C.6 or contact Mr. Jim Seger or Dr. John Coon of the Council staff.