Council Considering Option to Require Electronic Reporting for Groundfish Open Access Deliveries of Sablefish

As part of its review of the limited entry fixed gear program, the Council is considering a number of options which would create a Federal electronic landings reporting requirement for sablefish. The requirement would not be a replacement for state fish tickets but in addition to state fish ticket requirements. The alternatives being considered vary primarily in the scope of the landings covered. Alternatives 2 and 3 cover landings in the limited entry fixed gear fishery while Alternative 4 would also cover open access landings of sablefish. The Council discussed this issue at its April meeting and will select a final preferred alternative at its June meeting. One question raised in April was whether Alternative 4 would apply to any open access landing (directed or incidental) and whether there might be a minimum poundage threshold which would trigger the electronic reporting requirement. For further information see April briefing book materials for Agenda Item C.6: