Appointments to Council Advisory Bodies for the 2013-2015 Term

Appointments to Council Advisory Bodies

At its November meeting, the Council made the following appointments for the 2013-2015 advisory body term. For more information on the nomination process and those nominated, see the November briefing book materials.

Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel

California Commercial Seats

  • Mr. David Haworth
  • Ms. Terry Hoinsky
  • Mr. Nick Jurlin

Oregon Commercial Seat

  • Mr. Eugene Law

Washington Commercial Seat

  • Mr. Robert Zuanich

California Processor Seat

  • Ms. Diane Pleschner-Steele

Oregon Processor Seat

  • Mr. Mike Okoniewski

Washington Processor Seat

  • Mr. Richard Carroll

California Sport/Charter Seat

  • CPT Paul Strasser

Conservation Seat

  • Ms. Sarah McTee

Ecosystem Advisory Subpanel

California Seats

  • Ms. Kathy Fosmark
  • Mr. Donald Maruska
  • Vacant

Oregon Seats

  • Mr. Ben Enticknap
  • Mr. Scott McMullen
  • Mr. Frank Warrens

Washington Seats

  • Mr. Paul B. Dye
  • Dr. Terrie Klinger
  • Mr. Nate Stone

Groundfish Advisory Subpanel

Fixed Gear At-Large Seats

  • Mr. Bob Alverson
  • Ms. Michele Longo-Eder
  • Mr. Gerry Richter

Bottom Trawl Seat

  • Mr. Tommy Ancona

Mid-Water Trawl Seat

  • Ms. Heather Mann

Trawl At-Large Seats

  • Mr. Brent Paine
  • Mr. Kevin Dunn

Open Access South of Cape Mendocino Seat

  • Mr. Daniel Platt

Open Access North of Cape Mendocino Seat

  • Mr. Jeffery Miles

Processors At-Large Seats

  • Ms. Susan Chambers
  • Mr. Tom Libby

At-Sea Processor Seat

  • Mr. Dan Waldeck

California Charter South of Point Conception Seat

  • Mr. Louis Zimm

California Charter North of Point Conception Seat

  • Mr. Bob Ingles

Oregon Charter Seat

  • Mr. Wayne Butler

Washington Charter Seat

  • Mr. Mark Cedergreen

Sport Fisheries At-Large Seats

  • Mr. John Hollaway
  • Mr. Dave Seiler
  • Mr. Tom Marking

Conservation Seat

  • Mr. Shems Judd

Tribal Seat

  • Steve Joner

Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel

Commercial Troll Seat

  • Mr. Wayne Heikkila

Commercial Purse Seine Seat

  • Mr. August Felando

Commercial Gillnet Seat

  • Mr. Steve Fosmark

Commercial Fisheries At-Large Seats

  • Mr. Pete Dupuy
  • Mr. Doug Fricke
  • Mr. William Sutton

Processor South of Cape Mendocino Seat

  • Mr. Steve Foltz

Processor North of Cape Mendocino Seat

  • Mr. Pierre Marchand

California Charter Seat

  • Mr. Mike Thompson

Washington/Oregon Charter Seat

  • Ms. Linda Buell

Private Sport Seat

  • Mr. Bob Osborne

Conservation Seat

  • Mr. Charles Farwell

Public At-Large

  • Ms. Pamela Tom

Salmon Advisory Subpanel

California Troll Seat

  • Mr. Aaron Newman

Oregon Troll Seat

  • Mr. Paul Heikkila

Washington Troll Seat

  • Mr. Jim Olson

Commercial Gillnet Seat

  • Mr. Kent Martin

Processor Seat

  • Mr. Gerald Reinholdt

California Charter Seat

  • Mr. Craig Stone

Oregon Charter Seat

  • Mr. Mike Sorenson

Washington Charter Seat

  • Mr. Butch Smith

California Sport Seat

  • Mr. Marc Gorelnik

Oregon Sport Seat

  • Mr. Richard Heap

Washington Sport Seat

  • Mr. Steve Watrous

Idaho Sport Seat

  • Dr. Richard Scully

Washington Tribal Seat

  • Vacant

California Tribal Seat

  • Mr. Dave Hillemeier

Conservation Seat

  • Mr. Jim Hie

Habitat Committee

Commercial Fishery Seat

  • Mr. Joel Kawahara

Sport Fishery Seat

  • Ms. Liz Hamilton

Conservation Seat

  • Dr. Douglas DeHart

Northwest or Columbia River Tribal Seat

  • Vacant

California Tribal Seat

  • Mr. Mike Orcutt

Public At-Large

  • Mr. Stephen Scheiblauer

Scientific and Statistical Committee

  • Dr. Vladlena Gertseva
  • Dr. Selina Heppell
  • Dr. Daniel Huppert
  • Mr. Tom Jagielo
  • Dr. Todd Lee
  • Dr. Andreʹ Punt
  • Dr. William Satterthwaite

Coastal Pelagic Species Management Team

Tribal Seat

  • Mr. Alan Sarich