Habitat Committee Will Meet June 12, 2012

The Pacific Fishery Management Council will convene a public meeting of the Habitat Committee (HC).

The purpose of the Habitat Committee meeting is to discuss habitat issues related to Council-managed fisheries, including Columbia River fisheries issues, the NOAA Habitat Blueprint, and the Council’s development of a Fishery Ecosystem Plan. The HC may also discuss forage fish issues, Army Corps of Engineers levee vegetation policies, ocean energy proposals, and Klamath River water issues. A report is scheduled to be presented to the Pacific Council at the June, 2012 Council meeting in San Mateo, California. Other issues relevant to habitat may be addressed as time permits.

The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 12, and will conclude at 5:00 p.m. or until business for the day is completed.

Pacific Fishery Management Council
Large Conference Room
7700 NE Ambassador Place
Portland, OR 97220-1384
Telephone: 503-820-2280
Driving Directions

For more information regarding the HC meeting, please contact  Ms. Jennifer Gilden at 503-820-2280, ext. 418; toll free 1-866-806-7204.

The meeting is physically accessible to people with disabilities. Requests for sign language interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Mr. Kris Kleinschmidt at 503-820-2280, at least five days prior to the meeting date.