June 2012 Briefing Book Deadline

June 2012 Briefing Book Deadlines

Public Comment Deadline – Advance Briefing Book

Comments or materials received by 11:59 pm, May 31, 2012, will be mailed to Council members and appropriate advisory bodies prior to the meeting. This is known as the “Advance Briefing Book Deadline.”

Supplemental Public Comment Deadline

Comments or materials received at the Council office after May 31 but by 11:59 pm, June 10 will be included in the supplemental materials distributed to the Council on the first day of the meeting. This is known as the “Supplemental Public Comment Deadline.”

How to Submit Comments

Written comments and materials on matters before the Council are accepted by the Council at any time. However, the public is encouraged to submit comments and materials as far in advance of the meeting as possible to maximize their exposure to the Council process. Comments in electronic format are most welcome, as they expedite posting to the Council’s website. Please email your comments to: pfmc.comments@noaa.gov. Of course, we accept comments by “snail mail” and fax; please see our “Contact Us” page.