Council Staff Report on H.R. 1837

In response to a formal Congressional request, the Council has forwarded a Council staff report titled “A General Review of Potential Effects of H.R. 1837 the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act, on Central Valley Salmon Productivity and Salmon Fisheries In Ocean and Inland Waters” to U.S. Congresswoman Grace Napolitano. H.R.1837 addresses water use in California’s Central Valley Project, makes changes to the implementation of the Endangered Species Act, and repeals the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act.

In her July 5, 2011 letter to Council Executive Director, Dr. Donald McIsaac, Congresswoman Napolitano acknowledged the economic impacts of the 2008 and 2009 fishery closures enacted by the Council in response to the collapse of Sacramento River fall Chinook stocks and specifically requested Council comments on H.R. 1837’s impacts to salmon populations, habitat, fisheries management, and fishermen. The Pacific Council remains concerned about negative effects of H.R. 1837 might have on salmon stocks and their habitat, and the consequent negative economic effects on communities that depend on a healthy, vibrant salmon fishery.

For further information, please contact Mr. Mike Burner, Council Staff at 503-820-2280 or toll free 1-866-806-7204 ext. 414.