SSC's Salmon Subcommittee, STT, and MEW Work Session (October 19-20, 2010)

The Pacific Fishery Management Council’s (Council) Salmon Subcommittee of the Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) will hold a joint work session with the Salmon Technical Team (STT) and Model Evaluation Workgroup (MEW), which will be open to the public.

The work session will be held October 19-20, 2010.  The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 19 and 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 20.

The purpose of the work session is to brief the STT and SSC Salmon Subcommittee on:

  • Oregon coastal natural coho abundance predictor
  • Evaluation of indicator stock tag groups for Columbia River summer Chinook
  • A progress report on abundance‐based management framework for Lower Columbia River tule fall Chinook
  • An update and revision of natural production information in the Lower Columbia River natural coho harvest management matrix
  • Review and evaluation of mark‐selective fishery reports
  • An update on methods to forecast ocean abundance of Columbia River fall Chinook
  • An analysis of bias in Chinook and Coho Fishery Regulation Assessment Models due to multiple encounters in mark-selective fisheries
  • Proposed changes to the conservation objectives for Puget Sound coho

The work session will be held at the following location:

Hyatt Place Hotel Portland Airport
9750 NE Cascades Parkway, Rooms 3 and 4
Portland, OR  97220
Telephone: 503-288-2808

This meeting is physically accessible to people with disabilities.  Requests for sign language interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Ms. Carolyn Porter at 503-820-2280 at least five days prior to the meeting date.