Briefing Book Archive: April 2017 Briefing Book

The Council meeting proposed agendas, agenda item situation summaries, and attachments, for the April 2017 Council Meeting are found below.  Please email Sandra if you need assistance downloading the materials.

A. Call to Order

Agenda Item A.4: Proposed April 2017 Council Meeting Agenda


B. Open Comment Period


C. Administrative Matters

  • Agenda Item C.3: Membership Appointments and Council Operating Procedures
    • Agenda Item C.3, Attachment 1: Public Review Draft revised COP 1 regarding supplemental public comment at Council meetings, Legislative Committee membership, and housekeeping updates
    • Agenda Item C.3, Attachment 2: Public Review Draft revised COP 20 regarding the deadline for submitting HMS EFP proposals


D. Habitat

  • Agenda Item D.1: Current Habitat Issues
    • Agenda Item D.1, Attachment 1: Draft letter on Oroville Dam FERC relicensing
    • Agenda Item D.1, Attachment 2: Letter to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requesting a comment deadline extension for the Permit Renewal and Expansion of the Coast Seafoods project
    • Agenda Item D.1, Supplemental Attachment 3: Draft letter to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      on the Permit Renewal and Expansion on the Coast Seafoods project (if extension is granted)
    • Agenda Item D.1, Supplemental Attachment 4: Report on EPA discharge rule
    • Agenda Item D.1.a, Supplemental HC Report


E. Salmon Management

  • Agenda Item E.3: Tentative Adoption of 2017 Ocean Salmon Management Measures for Analysis
  • Agenda Item E.4: Clarify Council Direction on 2017 Management Measures
    • Agenda Item E.4.a, Supplemental STT Report: Preliminary Analysis of Tentative 2017 Ocean Salmon Fishery Management Measures


F. Groundfish Management

  • Agenda Item F.2: Final Action on Electronic Monitoring of Non-Whiting Midwater and Bottom Trawl Fisheries Regulations and Update on Exempted Fishing Permit
    • Agenda Item F.2, Attachment 1: An Electronic Monitoring Program for the Bottom Trawl and Non-Whiting Midwater Trawl Fisheries Under the Shorebased IFQ Program (Electronic Only
    • Agenda Item F.2.a, Supplemental NMFS Report 1, EFP Update
    • Agenda Item F.2.a, Supplemental GEMPAC Report
    • Agenda Item F.2.a, Supplemental NMFS Report 2, Draft CFR-style Regulations
  • Agenda Item F.3: Salmon Endangered Species Act Consultation Recommendations
    • Agenda Item F.3, Attachment 1: Summary of Scenarios for Salmon Bycatch Management in Fisheries Managed Under the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan
  • Agenda Item F.7: Updated Coordinates for the 125 Fathom Rockfish Conservation Area Line in California
    • Agenda Item F.7.a, CDFW Report: California Department of Fish and Wildlife Report on Corrections to the 125 fathom RCA line between 40° 10′ and 34° 27′ N. Latitude

G. Coastal Pelagic Species Management


H. Pacific Halibut Management


Ancillary Meetings (Advisory Body and Committee Agendas AND Committee Memos)

Ancillary Agendas

Advisory Body and Committee Memos

  • CPS Memo: Coastal Pelagic Species Management Team, Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel, and Interested Persons
  • Enforcement Memo: Enforcement Consultants
  • Groundfish Memo: Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, Groundfish Management Team, and Groundfish Interested Persons
  • Salmon Memo: Salmon Advisory Subpanel, Salmon Technical Team, Model Evaluation Workgroup, Sacramento River Winter Chinook Workgroup and Interested Persons
  • SSC Memo: Scientific and Statistical Committee


Informational Reports, General Information, and Membership Roster

Protocol for Submitting Electronic Slide Presentation Materials at the Meeting