Highly Migratory Species: Exempted Fishing Permit Applications for Deep-Set Buoy Gear

At its June 2016 meeting, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) decided to accept applications for exempted fishing permits (EFPs) to test deep-set buoy gear for review at all future meetings that include highly migratory species (HMS) topics on the agenda. HMS topics are typically scheduled for the March, June, September, and November Council meetings. This decision waives the regular schedule described in Council Operating Procedure 20 (COP 20), although the other provisions of this procedure will still apply.

According to the newly revised COP 20, completed applications for EFPs must be received before the advance briefing book public comment deadline for each Council meeting.

2017 Deadlines for Submitting Applications

  • June 2017 Council meeting: 5:00 PM, Pacific Time, Thursday, May 11, 2017

 Application Contents

EFP applications must contain sufficient information for the Council to determine: if an exemption to the regulations is justified; the potential impacts of the exempted activity; and that the exempted activity would be expected to provide information useful to the future authorization of a deep-set buoy gear fishery. The Council has created a deep-set buoy gear EFP application template to make it easier to complete an application.  You may use this application template to prepare your application. (Note that the application form contains fillable fields should you want to complete it electronically.)  Applicants should also consult COP 20 to get a general idea of how the Council will review these applications.

Additional information

Applications may be submitted by mail, fax, or email:

Mailing address:

Pacific Fishery Management Council
Attn: HMS EFP Application
7700 NE Ambassador Place, Suite 101
Portland, OR 97220

Attn: HMS EFP Application (503) 820-2299

Put “HMS EFP application” in the subject line

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with members of the Council’s Highly Migratory Management Team (HMSMT), Council staff, or National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS) staff when preparing an application. The HMSMT roster lists contact information for its members. Dr. Kit Dahl is the point of contact for Council staff; phone: (503) 820-2422 (toll-free 1-866-806-7204). Mr. Chris Fanning is the point of contact at the NMFS West Coast Region; phone: (562) 980-4198.