Council Operations: Travel and Reimbursement

Who Does the Council Reimburse?

All nonfederal members of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, Scientific and Statistical Committee, advisory subpanels, technical teams, work groups, ad hoc committees, staff, consultants, and specially invited individuals are eligible to receive reimbursement for limited per diem travel expenses when asked to travel for Council-related purposes.

Reimbursement is only allowed for expenses essential to transacting official Council business.

Unless approved by authorized Council staff, the claimant must have a current photo identification (ID) card issued and signed by the Executive Director in order to claim travel expenses. Photo ID cards are issued to each nonfederal individual in the Council membership at time of appointment or interim benchmark. The claimant must also have a meeting invitation, which lists them as an attendee of the meeting and has been signed by the Executive Director or a designee. Such an invitation is usually sent about three weeks before every Council-funded meeting, typically in memorandum form, and includes the dates, times, and locations of the meeting along with the allowable per diem rates for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.


Travel Rules and Per Diem Rates

Expense Claims for meetings that begin as of June 1st will be required to be completed electronically.  If you are authorized to travel on PFMC funds, a user-name and password will be supplied to you.  Starting June 1, the link to our online travel and expense is: Concur Solutions.

PFMC Travel Expense Claim Forms

  • 2015 Travel Expense Claim Form – Adobe PDF Format (download and fill in with a pen)
  • 2015 Travel Expense Claim Form – Microsoft Excel Format (editable; download and fill in electronically)


Who to Contact For Expense Claim Assistance and Further Information

Don’t See What You Are Looking For? Have a Travel-Related Question? Please contact Ms. Patricia Crouse for travel expense claim and per diem rate assistance!

  • Ms. Patricia Crouse at (503) 820-2408 or toll free (866) 806-7204 ext. 408; Fax (503) 820-2299