Council Meetings: Current (or Next) Meeting

Council to Consider Electronic Monitoring for Catch-Share Fisheries

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) and its advisory bodies will meet September 10-17, 2014 in Spokane, Washington to address issues related to management of groundfish, highly migratory species, coastal pelagic species, salmon, ecosystem management, and habitat matters.

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Briefing Book

  • The Briefing Book for the September 2014 Council meeting has been posted to the Council’s website on the “Briefing Book” webpage


Listed below are some key agenda items, which include Council considerations to:

  • Take final action on alternatives for electronic monitoring regulations in groundfish fishery sectors where possible and provide direction on next steps for other sectors and issues.
  • Adopt preliminary preferred alternative and public review draft amendment language for incorporating protection to unmanaged forage fish in Council fishery management plans.
  • Preliminarily adopt exempted fishing permits to improve the swordfish fishery for the 2015-2016 fishing years.
  • Adopt a range of alternatives for routine management measures for 2015-2016 highly migratory species fisheries and consider further process for measures outside of the biennial specifications process.
  • Adopt a preliminary preferred alternative for a harvest control rule for lower Columbia River natural coho.
  • Adopt a preliminary preferred alternative for the Pacific sardine harvest fraction parameter.
  • Adopt for public review proposed changes for the 2015 Pacific halibut catch sharing plan and annual fishing regulations.
  • Adopt inseason adjustments to the current groundfish fishery.

A complete list of issues to be addressed is provided in the proposed meeting agenda.  A schedule of advisory group meetings is provided on the last pages of the proposed meeting agenda.  Copies of briefing materials prepared for the meeting can be found on our website by August 29.

Meeting Locations and Arrangements

Meetings of the Council and its advisory entities will be held at the following location

DoubleTree by Hilton Spokane City Center
322 N. Spokane Falls Court
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 509-455-9600

All meetings are open to the public, except a closed executive session scheduled for 8 AM on Friday, September 12 to discuss litigation and administrative appointments.  For more information on the meetings, refer to the proposed meeting agenda or call the Council office at 503-820-2280 or 866-806-7204 toll free.

Public Comment Guidelines

The public is encouraged to comment, either verbally at the meeting or in writing.  Timing of agenda items may change as the meeting progresses, and items not completed on the scheduled day will be carried over to later in the meeting, usually the next day.

Oral Public Comments

Oral public comments will be accepted during the meeting prior to action on each agenda item.

Written Public Comments

  • Written public comments are accepted by the Council at any time.  However, the public is encouraged to submit written comments as far in advance of the meeting as possible.
  • Comments received by August 15, 2014 will be included in the briefing books mailed to Council members prior to the meeting.
  • Comments received after August 15 but by September 3, 2014 will be distributed to Council members at the onset of the meeting.
  • If you cannot meet this latter deadline, but would like your written comments distributed to Council members when you testify at the meeting, please bring 40 copies to the meeting with the Agenda Item Topic Number in the upper right corner of the front page of each copy.  Refer to the attached agenda for the topic numbers; i.e., Agenda Item B.1.c refers to public comment under Open Comment.
  • If available, electronic copies of public comment can be submitted to  Electronic copies facilitate posting to our website and use on CD-ROM.

This meeting is open to the public and is physically accessible to people with disabilities. Requests for sign language interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Carolyn Porter at 503-820-2280 or 866-806-7204 at least five days prior to the meeting date.